How are the Session done?
First, we choose a focus...

The session begins with gentle enquiry and discussion to discover from the client what they would like to improve on right now. During the discussion, the client holds a pack of specially designed cards that become attuned to their vibration. From the words that they use, we set an intention for the session. The intent for the session is always different for each person, and may be for clarity, or focus, or to release resistance around an issue, or even physical healing.

Once our intent is clear, the client chooses their cards. It is surprising how relevant the card choices are. All the cards depict parts of the body or the energy anatomy. We interpret what issues those parts of the body hold, establish their relevance to the session, and decide whether to include it in the session or not. Ideally, we want to work with 6 cards.

Then we begin the work...
The session is conducted with the client fully clothed and covered with a blanket on a therapy bed. We begin with permission, and an instruction to the body that the work is regulated by the body’s inner wisdom. This means that we cannot shift anything that is not ready to move and the body is always in control. The session is a hands-on session, with hand positions held for a period of time to allow for the body to shift and calibrate to the verbal instruction given by the facilitator. The instructions given are to the energetic ‘ears’ of the body asking that trauma be released and cleared from the cells and DNA or the energy levels of the body and the body responds.

Initial consultation sessions can take 1hr or 1h 15min
subsequent sessions take aprox 45 min.

In some cases it has taken many years for the body to become out of balance. Most issues take more than one session to shift - in most cases a noticable difference has taken place by the third session, if not completely transformed. 


£25.00 per session



"I have been anxious for as long as I can remember. Right back to childhood I've had the feeling that something bad is going to happen and a constant knot in my stomach. I had some relief through hypnosis but this always proved a temporary fix and I quickly reverted back to my "normal" anxious self. Anxiety seemed to be written into my DNA and I just accepted that this was something I would have to live with, draining though it was.

During a conversation with Greer, she mentioned Body Balance, a therapy that she was having good results with treating people with a wide range of issues. She felt that Body Balance could treat my anxiety. She explained what was involved and how it could help. I was extremely sceptical. How could something so ephemeral treat something I had been living with for forty-odd years? But, what did I have to lose?

My first session left me with a splitting headache and strange dreams ... I thought this was meant to make me feel better! However, over the following week, something was definitely changing. After another session my old friend, the stomach knot, had gone. I felt I was coping better at work and as a result my confidence increased. Several more sessions, consolidated this feeling, I felt more able to cope with life and was not spending it worrying about what was round the corner. I still have anxious moments, if I'm doing a presentation or facing a new challenge but this is normal and soon passes. I am more able to live in the moment and actually enjoy my life.

I still don't fully understand how this has worked but it has. I can't thank Greer enough for working her magic to change my life."

DN (Kendal)



"I have had several BBA sessions with Greer, all amazingly relaxing, fascinating and enjoyable! 

Initially, I had 4 sessions with Greer where we discussed my issue of attachment and then loss at my son going to University.  It was a challenging time for me, but over the 4 sessions, I was able to find acceptance of the situation and a sense of softening and releasing.  I still miss my son, and love it when he comes home to visit, but I feel that I am coping well with him living away from home.
The following year, I had 4 further sessions with Greer where we looked at my issue with overeating.  I love my food, and enjoy large portions.  After completing my sessions with Greer, I gradually started to reduce my portion sizes, and over time have been able to lose weight, but best of all, maintain it without becoming obsessed by food and dieting. I have been kind and patient with myself, and it has paid off with a healthier body, and a more positive outlook.

I believe that my practice of meditation combined with BBA has really helped me to embrace the challenges and changes that have been taking place in my life.

Greer is a beautiful, inspiring and wise soul, and just being in her presence is so uplifting!  
Thank you so much Greer, for sharing this wonderful treatment with me."
T.F (Cumbria)


Its is my choice to be a single parent of 2, to work full time and to run a home. I have great support from my family and friends. I have always thought I could manage what ever life threw at me and thought that so far I had got through the hard times purely because I was a strong person. However the last 18 months have been the most trying time in my life and a very recent event, in which I could never have predited or prevented brought my whole world crashing down and I had no idea where to turn.

Body Balance was something I had heard of, Greer is a freind of my family and she was there at the point of my melt down. I had always been a bit sceptical of how the technique worked and I was always the kind of person that thought I didn’t need help – I could cope myself!! How wrong was I !!

Boby Balance quickly taught me that I had not ever actually got to the root cause of any of the emotional issues I have been presented with before and that all I had done was got through on a day to day basis, until a time where the problem didn’t seem that important any longer or a bigger one came along – never really understanding the cause and therefore never been able to resolve. The same issues would keep coming back over and over and I would just keep getting by. I started to ask my self – „why me“ ?? „what have I ever done wrong ?“ I was overwhelmed with guilt and blamed myself for many of the situations I was in. I started to loose all my confidence and felt miserable, had anxiety attackes – my work and my family life was starting to deteriorate and I was beginning to withdraw into myself whenever I could.

Luckily for me, Greer offered me a life line – I didn’t even have to think about –YES, please help me.

After just 2 sessions, I felt a inner calm that I have never felt before – It was such a peaceful feeling. I started to understand and accept that things in life can’t always be explained, but many times they can. There are no such things as „unlucky“ people. Through body balance I have been able to find positives in the things that have happened and this has made an enormous difference. I have now had 4 sessions and booked another to make sure I keep positive.

My confidence is gradually coming back and the panic attacks have stopped. I am smiling again and am enjoying my time with the children – most of the time I feel so chilled – not much phases me now. I still have moments of stress, but which busy Mum doesn’t ????

I am so grateful to Greer and BodyBlance for getting my life back on track – I really don’t want to think would have happened if I had not come that day.....

My advice to anyone is to give it a try – you have nothing to lose and like me you may have a whole lot to gain.

GM (Lancashire)



I have literally been transformed by Body Balance. Physically and emotionally ironed-out, so to speak. In 2013 I've worked harder, and done more than ever before but I'm still calm, positive, energised, free from aches and pains, and taking everything in my stride… It's also the most relaxing thing I've ever experienced. Like computer "defragging" for the mind, body and soul. My time to let go. Thank you Greer

S.K (Cumbria)

I have had eczema all my life, however, two years ago it got really bad especially on my face.  I started taking a lot of different medication and these cause insomnia which made things worse.
Being a teenager and trying to keep on top of GCSE work, I was very frustrated, as it felt as if my life had been put on hold.  I stared seeing Greer about 6 months ago and it has helped my ability to relax and think my way out of negative places and situations.
Greer is one of the kindest and friendliest people I have ever met and I have always felt extremely comfortable, even from the first session.
Whenever I have not been able to go, I see a real difference in my stress levels and moods.  Greer has really helped me and I seriously would recommend Body Balance to anyone, especially other young people who are struggling with anything, physical or mental.  Even if you just need an hour away to relax, from everything life throws at you.

I.B (Cumbria)

 Greer Shepherd is a Body Balance Activation Facilitator in Cumbria, North West England.

"I have been working with Body Balance Activation for about six years and I love to see the profound transformations in the people I help"

Please contact Greer to make an appointment on:

01524 782214 or 07810016426


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