Body Balance Activation will help you unravel energetic imbalances creating the physical or mental dis-ease in your life.


About Body Balance Activation:

Body Balance Activation is a relatively new technique that is very similar to Reiki. BBA is hands on healing that includes use of spoken intention to clear and release negative energy trapped in the body which may be creating imbalances or dis-ease in the body.

No two people process emotion in the the same way.  Our emotions have a profound impact on our physical bodies.  What one person may experience as a minor set back that they deal with and move on from, another person may find the exact same experience traumatic and struggle with the after effects.  And some people don't even realise an event has any impact on them at all.

Imagine that the body is not only made up of physical matter but that running along side the physical matter is an energy system - an invisible field.  The two are deeply inter-connected and depend on each other for health and vitality.  The upsets in our lives cause us to feel emotions.  Those emotions are not only felt in the physcal body but they also affect our energy systems. 

Do you remember the experiment in Science at school where you had a magnet and you could see the magnet - you couldn't see the magnetic field around the magnet?  When you scattered iron filings around the magnet they clung to the magnetic field - now you can see the magnetic field.  If you use another magnet on the first magnet you can influence movement of the iron filings..... so it is with our emotions and our energy field.

Because human culture and busy lives dictate that we should suppress the traumas - and often it is too painful to deal with them anyway - we ignore them and carry on.  Months and years down the line we find we have physical problems starting to flare up in our bodies.  Often these ailments are a direct result of the negative charges left behind by the original trauma.  

Individually it is impossible to tell if we have dealt with our traumas definitively or if there is still more to do but one thing is certain, daily life batters our energy sysems.

Body Balance Activation seeks to balance the physical body and the bodies energy systems.  Our bodies demonstrate the most amazing healing abilities but many of us turn to medicines to numb the pain of our dis-eased bodies so that we can continue with our busy lives.  We don't give the body the opportunity to heal itself and we certainly would never think we can request that it takes an active part in it's own healing.  Body Balance Activation works towards activating self healing within the body. 

What can the Client expect from a BBA session?
Many people experience changes they can't 'put their finger on'. They feel different. Many are suddenly able to identify imbalances in their own lives and how to deal with them. Some experience spiritual or emotional awakenings. And Physical symptoms often improve and even disappear altogether.

What conditions benefit from Body Balance Activation?
Body Balance Activation is very effective in dealing with emotional, mental or physical distress in a persons life. Sometimes the person is unhappy but doesn't know why. Some may have all sorts of aches and pains.  Some have had the tests and the tests have shown nothing to be wrong. Others may have had experiences in their past that they have been unable to move on from.  This is a simple and profound technique suitable for all ages. 

If you have any of the following symptoms, this system can help you:
Feeling overwhelmed: Things you used to cope with now feel too much?
Repeating relationship patterns: Same problems with different people?
Over reacting: Possibly your reaction was bigger than the problem deserved?
Isolation: Are you lonely, but feel safer when you’re alone?
Rage: Over reacting linked to the fight or flight response.
Anxiety: Your ‘threat response’ is on all the time, even when you’re safe?
Depression: Your system crashes from being always on alert. (Anxiety)
OCD: keep checking things?
ADHD: can’t sit still and focus?
Self medicating: Do you medicate with drugs, food or alcohol?


Bodily aches and pains,IBS,Anxiety / Stress,Depression,Headaches / sinus or jaw pain,Bladder infections, Neck stiffness,Constipation /diarrhoea Abdominal pain,female hormonal imbalances, Loss of appetite / nausea,Limb fatigue, Heart palpitations,Shoulder pain, Foot pain,Hot flushes and mood swings and much much more.

And BBA can assist with calming strong emotional states:Grief, defensiveness, rejection/ low self esteem, sadness, vulnerability, fear, shock, repressed emotions, resentment, frustration and rage to name but a few.                                                                                            

For facilitators in other areas or further information please look at the official Body Balance Activation website:

Cumbria / Lancashire Phone:01524 782214 or 07810016426


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